Reaching Russia for God's Glory

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This blog will be used to communicate with and to see how God's glory is being spread among Ekateringburg, Russia! This blog will be used to communicate with Jordan Marcum, Sarah Ingham, and Ryan Bibb. The three of us are from Eastern Kentucky University and we have been apart of Campus Crusade for Christ or CRU for the past few years of our college career. We have been blessed to have this opportunity to share the name of Jesus Christ among Russian students this summer and we are glad for people who have supported us financially and in prayer. We hope through this blog you will be able to experince the opportunity you have invested in by what we post on a weekly basis. We want to thank all of you that are reading this blog and most of all thanking God for what he has done not only in our lives but the lives we will get to impact this summer through our risen Savior!

Jordan, Ryan and Sarah

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The End of Ministry

Well as everyone can see I haven't had a chance to post in a little while but that is due to some certain circumstances. For the past week before leaving Russia I had experienced a little bit of trouble. Something I ate at our forest fun party gave me some kind of bacteria in my stomach and I had pain bowel movements and they were frequent. Driving me to the point of dehydration and eventually to a Russian hospital.

But not to worry everything turned out fine and was in the hospital for two days and became better after another day or two. Praise the Lord he is faithfully in always being here for us and never leaving our side. I learned some valuable things from my sickness. I learned that it was important to have a community of believers or a family as you will, praying for you and caring for you at all times. I also learned to not trust in my own strength but that the Lord is our ultimate strength and our reliance on Him will make us stronger than ever possible. Praise the Lord that he is capable to give us all things when we ask.

So needless to say my last week of ministry was not as productive as I had prayed for but although the Lord used me in a different way for my team. I would be in prayer for their meetings and appointments and just ministry all in all. We take for granted the power of prayer and how important it is for ministry. Also the fact that my sickness and getting better brought encouragement to my team and it was very encourage to hear how that was a blessing for everyone.

God's plans for our lives no matter what we do is always greater than our own. We may never understand why he changes our plans and our course for life but realizing that His way is always better. Pray for the rest of our time in Germany, that we can continue to unpack things that we learn and think about our experience. More will come after learning about what the Lord has taught me.

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